About Tess

In the fall of 2011, I entered my freshmen year of college and walked the next year and a half in a desire to fit the 'societal ideal' of 'thinness' and 'health' leading me to develop orthorexia and anorexia nervosa. I slowly progressed into treatment and saw a dietitian and therapist weekly, but something was missing. I was still putting my full worth into my image and how others were viewing me. Once I sat down and really had a breakdown moment with the Lord, I realized the only way to get out of these thoughts of inferiority was to define my worth on His word, His truth, and His viewpoint of me. This meant I could no longer view myself through the eyes of man, but only through the eyes of God. Also at the time, I decided to throw myself in a dietetics program, much like others do, to find the perfect way to eat in order to manage a societal acceptable and 'thin-framed' body. After months of being in recovery and being awaken to the truth that society has a need to make us feel invalidated, inferior, and never enough, I knew that the only way that I could complete this career path was if I could use my hurt and my pain to help others find truth. Thus, I proceeded to complete my dietetics program in May 2016, and applied to a Master's degree program to follow out my passion to get involved in the eating disorder treatment field as a licensed registered dietitian. I completed a 1250+ hr dietetic internship program, with special emphasis in eating disorder treatment and care, and then went on to work for the last 9 months at an outpatient eating disorder private practice, under the supervision of a very close mentor and friend, as I complete my Master's program. I graduated in May 2019 with a Master's degree in Nutrition & Health Sciences, and moved back to Dallas Ft-Worth. I started working for an eating disorder treatment facility in November 2019, now serving as lead intensive outpatient (IOP) dietitian, and have two private practice locations in Keller and Dallas. I am so passionate about serving the eating disorder population, changing their thought processes around food, and helping them to better understand their relationship to food and their bodies.

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